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Balance is Good! Part 2: An Interview with Twilight Fan Fiction Author Jayeliwood and Her Husband... Mr. Jayeliwood

Part 2 of 2: Contests, Mr. Jay (The ORIGINAL Geek Edward!), and top 10 FF picks!

(See Part 1 of 2 here!)

PM: When will you be back, "full time"? You know people are anxiously awaiting the sequel to Blind, Pieces of Time. Any time line on that? Anything else in the works, now that you have had "all" this time off to think?

Jay: Full time? Probably on May first I'll be returning. I want to get a little more comfortable with this new life of mine.. Also, some other big changes are coming for me. Just like Eddie in Pieces, I'm going to be learning to drive. (Long story) I'm a little scared about that. Though, it may make me feel closer to Edward in pieces.

Sadly, as far as stories go, Pieces has been the furtherest from my mind. I've gotten rather frustrated with it and I wanted to take a break and then reread. Come from it from a fresh POV. I've been concentrating on other things, like editing and other stories. But, the work on that one begins this week actually. I hope to have at least five chapters written before May 1st.

Well, you can ask my fantastic girlfriend Amanda (thespoiltone) about my slight addiction to ideas. I come up with new ones, very detailed ones, every single day. I'm slightly ADD I think. She fusses at me constantly about finishing what I have first. I have at least 4 stories written that are unposted that I need to figure out how to finish, along with A moment Too late and Pieces of Time. I'm a glutton for punishment it seems. Though, very soon I am going to be posting one of them which is an Angst. Something new for me really. When I finish some of these, next on my list is a comedy. Apparently people think I'm funny, I don't see it at all.

PM: In addition to writing about Twilight, you do some great contests. Tell us about how those come to be.. Any more planned? Some of the stories are pretty "hot", both those you write and those people enter.

Jay: lol I hope hot is a good thing! I know the lemons on here are probably my favorite stories. The Sexy Eddie contest just came about because I started out all the kinds of Edwards I liked and then I did a poll to see who everyone else liked as well. Over a 1000 people voted in that poll. That got me to thinking about the stories that could come from this and it went from there. lol I think I started the geek Edward thing with Computer repair. I didn't really mean to. That Edward, by the way, is very very much so based on my husband.

The Steamy Movie Crossover wasn't my choice! lol I was roped into it! I made the mistake of telling my friend Les (obessingoverEdward) about my idea for the contest and she RAN with it from there. Throw in Amanda and somehow we were doing a contest. I was more like an advisor and an advertiser than anything else. But, it was a lot of fun.

As far as contests any time soon? Not soon. Too much work. A challenge maybe. That way I don't have to worry about the voting and the bitching over rules so much. I actually have a holiday challenge idea. Not on a single holiday but if you could pick any. I'm hoping if I did that not everyone would pick Christmas or Valentine's.

PM: I know I have a line as to what I will recommend on my Forum and what I won't, do you have a "too far" point?

Jay: I'm finding that line more and more blurred now a days. Personally, I don't do anything with beasties (Jake in wolf form, no.) I'm fine with any kinds of slash and all that. Oh, and I don't like rape or anything like that. A little too close to home.

PM: Have you been able to meet any of the actors or Stephanie Meyer herself? If you had the chance to talk to SM, what would you tell her?

Jay: Actually, the area I'm in has the 3rd most movie and tv productions of any area, behind only New York and LA. But, sadly, I have not met any of those actors. Though, I've met a few others. (My favorite being Jennifer Tilly. She's frickin' awesome. She's taller than I thought. She actually recorded a phone message for my friend that said 'Hey this is Jennifer Tilly and Matt. We're just sitting in our trailer, eating Bon bons and waiting for you call! Wish you were here!" He'll never ever change that message lol) But, that being said, if any of them recorded a movie here, I'd TOTALLY be a stalker. Like fan girl stalker. Sad, sick, drooling fan girl stalker.

If I got to talk to SM the first thing that would come from my mouth be is 'COW WHY AREN'T YOU FINISHING MIDNIGHT SUN!' but I'm only slightly bitter. lol I actually thought of what I read that it was better than Twilight. But, if you couldn't tell from my writing, I prefer a male's POV.

PM: Mr. Jay, how does she manage writing and kids and husbands? How do you feel about all of this Twilight stuff? I know you read the books, at least some of them and you have listened to them too? (How do you like the voice?) What did you think about the books, about everything? Many of our husbands say they feel we have deserted them for Edward. Do you have any thought or advise on that? Would you go back to a world without Twilight?

Mr. Jay: Amazingly well considered the stress levels involved, especially from me.

It's not bad, but I have better addictions. The voice from the book on cd was very good, very easy to listen to. I've read all the books. I really enjoyed the first three, the final book not so much, but still not a bad read.

I don't feel like being deserted for a fictional character and everyone has the right to obsess every once in a while. I could live without twilight personal, but I wouldn't want to for her sake because of how happy it makes her.

PM: Have you read the stories Jay writes? Do you have a favorite? Have you inspired any of them? Do you think you are her Edward? Or maybe you are more like another character in the books? I hear you think Jacob and Emmett are sexy?

Mr. Jay: I've read some of the one shots, not all of them. My favorite is the geeky Edward lol, after all, I inspired that one.

I'm not that big of a stalker and I'm not that smooth, but I don't do bad. I'm probably better with kids than Edward is.

That was a bit of a joke but if I were into guys I would totally go for Jacob lol.

PM: What did you honestly think of the books, and remember, this will be on a Twilight fan site?

I understand you want to write also. What do you have in mind? Have you started? Can you tell us any plot ideas, etc? Can you give us exclusive rights to publish it here first?

Have you read any other Fan Fiction?

Mr. Jay: I did enjoy the books and while not my favorite style they were very good and I really enjoyed listening to them.

All I have is ideas, I'm not a writer really. Mostly cheesy stuff. Mostly pirate stuff or turning them into Jedi. ( Jay: I really like this idea! I'm gonna make him write it! Lol)

I did read a few Harry Potter Fan fics at one point or the other, but other than that not really.

PM: I want to ask both of you these. What would be your top ten favorite Fan Fiction stories? What is your favorite part/scene in the books?

Jay: All of Jess's of course! It's perfectly okay for me to be biased.

Oh wow, top ten. That's hard. Actually, three of my favorite stories have been taken off of ff. Sadly enough. Passion fish, News to me, and Daylight, I believe the name of it was. I'm more of a writer than a reader. But, let's see what else I like...

Blue Moon over Manka's. Goodness at the Details. Training School, not because it's Amanda's or that I'm the beta, but because it's awesome. The Perfect Wife. Because it's beautifully twisted lol. Camp Wilderness series, because even if Muggleinlove thinks I'm allergic to fluff I still like it. Making love out of nothing at all, because, well, it's just awesome. I'm sure there are more that I like, but those are what I'm thinking about right now.

PM: Jay, I laughed when I saw you like the Sookie Stackhouse Books. Who do you want Sookie to end up with? I'm still rooting for Bill!

Jay: lol you know, I don't even know at this point! There are so many to choose from. I'm kind of an Eric girl myself. Oh god... Eric... drools and stares off into space. I have a thing for blond vampires.

Don't we all Jay,don't we all....

So what do you think, can we really have it all -- husbands, kids, AND Twilight obsession? Ye, we can. Mr. and Mrs. Jayeliwood seem to be doing OK with the balance thing, don't you think?

Check out Jayeliwood's many new stories on! We at CBA are anxiously awaiting the sequel to Blind, (Will you PLEASE get on that Jay!) but she has many other stories there you will love.

Thanks for talking to us Jay and Alex! We love you guys!

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