Monday, April 13, 2009

Bobby Long At The Lakeside Lounge In NYC

Well people, I have just returned from NYC and I have to say one word about Bobby Long, amazing! I got to the Lakeside Lounge, which is a little place in the Village about 6:30pm only to find out that the show was not going to begin until 9 or 10pm. I found my spot on the right side of the stage and just waiting with anticipation.

It was almost 10pm when Bobby took to the small stage and from wherever one sat, you were within arms length of this talent young guy. I was extremely impressed by his music and what a voice this man has!!!

I will report more tomorrow...or should I say tonight....after his press junket...and his other show at Arlene's Grocery in NYC Tuesday night. Here are a few of the many photos I took this evening. Enjoy!

Kimberly Rocha**


PM from CBA said...

The pics are amazing KIM!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

I am going to die! I am so jealous of you Kim R & so happy for you too that you could be there!!! I could eat him whole!!! RAAAWR!!

~Kim C

Cyn said...

Kim great to meet you tonight, you got some wonderful shots of Bobby
Land of Dreamers Street Team Manager

Snarkier Than You said...

That's awesome!! I love seeing live music in little hole-in-the-wall places like that... Can't wait to hear more about the show - fantastic pics!

Kimberly Rocha said...

Thanks to everyone for the amazing responses. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and and even better time doing the work...This is what I truly love to do!!!!!!

Kimberly R