Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bobby Long Interview At The Waldorf Astoria NYC

With his performance at the Lakeside Lounge on April 13th, Bobby Long officially launched his first US tour. Self-described as "shy" by nature, Long has found himself amidst an eager audience of Twilight devotees. However, having had the chance to meet this humble 22 year old, one can see that he has a wealth of talent which allows him to step out of the long shadow of friend Robert Pattinson and into his own well-deserved limelight.

Hailing from a musical family from England's west country, Long relocated to London three years ago. A university student studying music and film, Long agreed to start his tour - after much persuading from manager Phil Taylor - during his Easter break from school. When asked about resuming his studies, it was clear that the success of the tour will determine his future path.

Meeting Long in person, one is struck by his physicality: impossibly tall, he habitually pushes his unruly brown hair from his hazel eyes, combing the locks with his fingers, only to repeat the action moments later. His hair provides a curtain, shielding him from the hungry eyes set upon him. "This does not come naturally for me," he admits. When asked if being introspective on demand is outside his comfort zone, he says no. "I'm a very self-reflective person, so now I have an outlet to share my thoughts with others."

Long's affiliation with manager Phil Taylor began at an open mic night at Taylor's nightclub in London. "Bobby blew me away with his voice," said Taylor. It took some time, however, to get to this point. "In January I sat down with Bob and said 'let's get this going'." Soon after, a US tour was organized. "I've got a huge map of places we want to visit," exuded Taylor with a conspiratorial twinkle in his eye. Long has particular interest in certain locations for sentimental reasons: Birmingham, for its association with Martin Luther King, and Mobile, because it was mentioned in a Bob Dylan song. Taylor, however, shares a more practical tour consideration. "There's a venue in Colorado Springs that offers the performer free homemade tagliatelle," stated Taylor. "How can you beat that?"

Long's whirlwind ride is just beginning. There are hopes for tour dates in Japan in January with Australia to follow. "I'm so thankful for everything," the soft-spoken Long told us. "I still can't believe this is happening to me. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive and I'm so grateful.".

So are we, Bobby Long, so are we.

Report by Christine Cameron aka: Somerset
Photographs by Kimberly Rocha aka: Photochic820

Bobby Long Is Awesome!

The title pretty much sums up the last two days for me. I have to say I was completely blown away by Mr. Long. What a personality and wow...his music is totally awesome! Today Christine C. and I went to the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan for a press junket with Bobby. While we patiently waited in an adjacent suite to where Bobby was being interviewed by publications and websites, we were entertained and informed by his manager Phil Taylor. I don't think Bobby could have better representation than Phil Taylor and Alyce Hartman, his publicist, and it really is easy to tell why. Bobby Long is a talent like we haven't seen in a long time, and they believe in him as everyone who has gone to his shows. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about an interview with him and when I mentioned that to Bobby, he told me not to be or I'd make him nervous as well.

Bobby was so happy to talk about his American debut show at the Lakeside Lounge. He was happy with the turnout and trust me...we were all so happy to hear him play.
The past two nights have been all about the music and Bobby Long knows his music and he is passionate about it. My favorite song so far has to be "Dead and Done" and I am sure everyone has their own favorite.Tonight's show at Arlene's Grocery was superior to last night's at the Lakeside Lounge only because the sound quality was far superior. We are anxiously awaiting a CD from the talented Mr. Bobby Long.

I would like to thank Phil Taylor and Alyce Hartman for so graciously inviting Christine C. and I to this special event. We are so appreciative to have such insight into Bobby's career. I also met a few great people I would like to shout out to like Cyndi Lewis and Julie Wilson from In the Land of Dreamers- official fansite.

Kimberly Rocha**


Lady Jane said...

Fabulous interview! Thank you for posting it! Bobby is awesome!

And thanks for the Land of Dreamers shoutout! :)

Kerry Hess said...

Great interview!

If Bobby really DOES come to Birmingham (1.5 hours South of me!!!) or Mobile (my hometown), I will PERSONALLY make him some homemade tagliatelle, or whatever else his heart desires!!

Both cities have some amazing venues that would be so perfect for his music, and fans here in Alabama would be absolutely thrilled to hear him play.

Thanks for sharing this article, and good luck to Bobby on tour!

Cyn said...

Great job and thank you so much for joining us in promoting the career of this awesome musician!
It was great to meet you at Lakeside, wonderful pictures :)
Land of Dreamers - Street Team Manager

Sarah said...

Great post guys! And awesome photos Kimberly. It was great to meet you at the shows.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Land of Dreamers shout out! It was so great meeting you and so many other like minded people all out to support Bobby. Those are some great photos as well, it was surreal walking in a seeing Bobby just calmly sitting there waiting for his interviews. He really handled everything so well.
Julie Wilson

Anonymous said...

Amazing Interview. Love the Photos.. Can't wait for our seeing Bobby's incredle performance tonight in L.A.
Cheers for the great story


Kimberly Rocha said...

Once again! Thank you to all for the wonderful comments. It really makes me feel great to know that people appreciated all I love to do... I hope I have the opportunity to do much, much more in the future to help CBA.

Kimberly R

Evie said...

Such a great article!! The pics are fabulous! And thank you for mentioning Land of Dreamers! It was great seeing you there at the Waldorf & at Arlene's. :)

lettalamm said...

thanks so much for the article! we love any Bobby pics/info at Land of Dreamers!!! lets all keep getting the word out on these amazing musicians