Monday, April 13, 2009

Can The "New Moon" Set Pics Give Fans A Clue Of What To Expect?

Amanda Bell makes some interesting points in her article discussing the "New Moon" set pics that have been posted online.
A couple in particular grabbed my attention. The first, of Bella (Kristen Stewart) holding a camera, might make one believe that the birthday present from Charlie (Billy Burke) is a definite inclusion in the film (not that we doubted it). In New Moon, Bella receives the camera, and it becomes a major part of her tormentous break-up with Edward. Yet, this is a digital camera, and in the book, the camera is not. I'm sure this remediable, since digital photos, too, are erase-able. Nevertheless, as this is, to fans, a most important scene for The Twilight Saga: New Moon to get right, this photo may give us a reason to believe it shall.
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mybella said...

Hu! I just thought that camera was Kristen's and she was just taking pics during out takes?
I figured this scene was either "the cold shoulder" or the "unwanted Happy Birthday Greeting" I guess we'll find out in a 220 days LOL

maze said...

yeah i agree with mybella...i too think the camera belong to Kristen because i've seen some other pics (in public appearences and such) that she has one...similar (not that i can see much of it here but hey...)...