Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cast Goes Clubbing in Vancouver

GossipGirls report and give us picture's from some of our favorite cast, out and about in some hardcore Vancouver clubbing. As if that wasn't enough, they meet a bunch of fans and just posed and took picture's together.

This is what GossipGirls have to say;

Enjoying a relaxing evening out on the town, the stars of “New Moon” were out on the Vancouver club scene on Saturday night (April 18).

With Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed stepping out side-by-side, the gang were out to support their good friend “Sage” Dill ( from Sage and The Dills) during her concert performance at The Metropole.

During the course of the evening, Robert kindly greeted his many female fans, posing for pictures as he downed a bottle of Heineken.

Meanwhile, Miss Stewart intently watched the happenings on stage, stepping out for a cigarette and a few pictures alongside her gal pal/co-star Miss Reed.

Kristen and Nikki taking a photo with Sage Dill. Kristen has a nice pair of glasses!

Hunky Rob with his Female Fans.

Nikki & bff Sage Dill .

There is a lot of picture's so check the rest out over at GossipGirls.

Maliciousmandy was also at the show and got together with the cast for some photo's. She has her own over at her page. Also a great Fan-encounter story to go with it.

I say to him "I am shaking" he says "why?" with a smile... I tell him he makes me nervous!!!! he tells me he gets nervous too - or don't be nervous or something along those lines - with a smile.... *melts*

I quickly try to figure out my cam while another girl gets pics and autographs. Seconds later, my cam is in working condition - - - battery in, set to still photo not video, flash on....
Read more and see more, lot's more over at Maliciousmandy's livejournal.

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Anonymous said...

this is for mailicous mandy...send it to her!!

ok, my new amusment is reading blogs of hardcore twilight fans.
a) ive read the books, yes they are entertaining. But, the writing is poor. Have you not read a decent novel??? I enjoyed them as a break from the text books i read at university. dont kid yourself. Bragging about reading them isn't something to be proud of.
b) you have a young child, and yet you stay out all night at movie sets??? given, you assumably have another parent at home to take care of your kid, but wtf?!?
c) your child realises your obsessiveness. I wouldn't be suprised if 10 years down the road, they are in therapy about the fact that their mom was away for 2 months whilst a movie was filming near them and they were out STALKING the film stars.
d) "take a nap so you aren't too tired to see edward"...i highly doubt your kid said that. maybe it did, but think about this...maybe you stayed out all night from haunting movie locations, and your too tired to hang out with your kid, yet it doesn't understand what your doing and says to take a nap to see Edward. It probably thinks what you do is your job....but news to you...ITS NOT.