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CBA Interviews: Bronzehairedgirl620

Fireman Edward, Flames, and Fan Fiction
Think Before You Send That Nasty Review

Not all the flames associated with "Stop, Drop, and Roll" can be put out by water. Some of the flames nearly quenched the spirit of a talented, 17 year old writer who had to deal with "flames" of the written kind. Here is Part 2 of this thought provoking interview. For Part 1 of this 2-part interview, click here.

Part 2 of 2
CBA: As this was going on, you were nominated for several awards. Did that help temper how you felt about the harsh reviews?

Bronze: It was helpful. I’m always excited when I get nominated, but having the voting for the Eddies and the Bellies and the nominations for both the Twilight Awards and the Lion and Lamb Awards and seeing what an honor it was to be up there with these other phenomenal stories reminded me that people do actually like SDR and Hourglass. I write them for myself more than anything, but it put the idea that people enjoy and love them as much as I do back in my head.

So yeah. It definitely evened out my temper.

CBA: Did you think you'd encounter such a thing from Twilighters?

Bronze: Twilighters are very passionate and do things I don’t quite understand at times. I’ve never been the fan who ran around screaming at the top of my lungs how into Twilight I was, but I know most people are. I was prepared for that. But when the smallest thing is thrown into a story to add spice and drama, they do a complete 180. I knew that. I just didn’t think the way they responded would ever be that dramatic.

They’re great and will take a bullet for you if things go well, but if not, some get very, very dedicated to making sure the author knows that they didn’t like it.

CBA: Did these reviews have any long-term impact on you or your writing?

Bronze: It definitely had an effect. Whenever I would sit down to write anything, it didn’t come out right. I just felt defeated. I felt horrible because I co-author a story with the author Daddy’s Little Cannibal and we update every Sunday. I had no way of getting out of that rut so she helped me through my four or five attempts at the chapter until I finally got something decent out.

I’m hoping it’s not long-term! I’ve had positive feedback for my latest chapter and the outtake, which is a good sign. But if some freak out now, I’m terrified of how they’ll act later on if I decide to do something else. The story is far from over.

CBA: Do you think reviews like this ultimately help or hurt the FF world?

Bronze: I think they hurt the FF world, personally. If it continues, it’ll just grow into this harsh, bitter environment, and the point of the site is to be able to post your stories no matter who you are. It discourages people, and that isn’t fair.

CBA: Is there any message you have for people who read ff? Advise for other young writers?

Bronze: Ignore those who flame and pay attention to the good reviews. I know it’s hard, but they aren’t worth feeling down about yourself or your writing, especially since half the time it isn’t deserved. Enjoy the stories, because there’s an insane amount of talent out there.

As for advice, just keep writing! I know it might seem impossible at times, but if you keep practicing and put time, effort and passion into the writing, it’ll make all the difference. Just never give up, as cliché as that is. There’s a reason it’s an overused expression. It’s true.

I think the most important thing is write for yourself. Write what you want to write about. If it doesn’t agree with the readers, that’s okay. I’d rather receive flames than write fluff and happiness for the entire story because people wanted me to.

CBA: You have some new stories coming. What do you have in the works for us?

Bronze: I’ve started a story called ‘Hourglass’ recently, where Edward is a bestselling author but has this dark past, including being estranged from his family and society. It’s different from SDR, and I’m really enjoying it. It came to me in a dream, so I don’t know what happens, but it’s fun to write.

As I said earlier, Daddy’s Little Cannibal and I started a story called ‘Worlds Collide’ where Bella has Multiple Personality Disorder and Edward is her psychiatrist who does a three-month case study on her. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read or written, and working with another author is fantastic, especially DLC. We have a blast.

As for future stories, I’m not quite sure. I’ve written a handful of one-shots and I’m co-writing another story with Leon McFrenchington that has to do with Edward signing him and his girlfriend up for ice skating lessons, and Bella’s the teacher.

Long term stories I’m not really getting into. Those are my main priorities, and I don’t think I could take on another one at the moment! Right now I’m focusing on SDR, though. It’s the only one where I know exactly what will happen.

CBA: Do you think you will continue on with writing? Is that a possible career path for you?

Bronze: Absolutely. I’m hooked on writing and couldn’t imagine not doing it anymore, even if just for fun. I’m looking into colleges and majors now, and it’s currently between English Literature and Comparative Literature. I’m in this for the long run.

CBA: Do you see yourself publishing a book ever?

Bronze: I would love to write and publish a book. It’s sort of a goal I have; nothing in the near future, but later on if I could just publish one, it’d be so cool! Writing is my passion. I actually feel like I’m good at it, and I want to stick with it all the way through.

CBA: What do you think you will take away form the whole fan fiction experience?

I had never tried writing a creative story before I posted my first Fanfiction chapter a little over a year ago, so anything and everything I have learned I will take away as a learning experience. It’s taught me how to write, especially with an audience. How to take harsh reviews with dignity and not let them get to me, and what works and what doesn’t. I can actually form a story now, which I couldn’t when I first started.

It’s broken me into the world of writing, which I’m forever grateful for. It’s given me much more than I thought it would coming into it.

CBA: I told you to be ready for this one, what are your favorite fanfiction stories?

Bronze: I have a list of about ten or twelve stories that I could read over and over and never get bored with.

-A Heart’s Savior - newfoundlove

-Blue Moon Over Manka’s - Cullenista

-Across the Ocean – Annilaia

-Till Death Do Us Part - Daddy’s Little Cannibal
(also her old story, Cigarette Burns, which she had to take down, but if you got to read it before you know it was outstanding.)

-Peonies: sillybella (I have to include this one seeing as it made me bawl like a baby and it was the first FF story I ever read)

-La Ville Lumière: The City of Light - Audeamus-Amor (most beautiful short story I’ve ever read. It’s haunting.)

-Cascade and Cyanide - americnxidiot

-Life’s Little Choices - My-Bella

- Once Upon A Time, In Therapy - AllyR

CBA: Did any of them influence your writing?

Bronze: I only read stories for about six months before I gave my first shot at writing a story and that was back in 2007 where FF wasn’t nearly as big as it is now, but the ones I got hooked on before and after made me want to try. It made me see that sixteen year olds could write stories if they wanted to, and for some reason people actually liked what I put up. I’m still trying to figure out why.

They do influence as well as inspire. I see these chapters they put up and am blown away by them. I want to be like that, and I do my best to meet the high standards they’ve created.

CBA: Do you have a favorite scene in the books?

Bronze: I’m a sucker for the meadow scene. :) I like little scenes throughout the series. I loved the end of New Moon in general, but actual scene wise, when she’s running towards the tower. Beautiful.

Another one that is totally random is in Eclipse – my favorite book in the series – when Edward walks in and says something along the lines of “I’m just curious as to why you stabbed him. Not like I object.” –swoon-

Hard question, though. There are so many fabulous scenes and lines, I’d end up retelling the entire book and saying all those scenes were my favorite.

CBA: Anything you want to tell Stephenie Meyer?

Bronze: Oh gosh. I’d probably thank her for creating the Twilight world (weirdly enough, a Twilight DVD commercial came on right as I typed that) and creating these characters I’ve fallen in love with, because if it weren’t for her, I would’ve never realized I loved writing. I would’ve never given it a shot. I’d probably tell her how much I respect her for writing Breaking Dawn, too. I wasn’t the biggest fan in the beginning, but now that I’ve read it twice and really thought it through, I understand why she did it. I love people taking risks and not doing the typical story people expect.

Oh! And I’d tell her to finish Midnight Sun. :) There are so many supportive fans behind her finishing it, and I hope she knows that.

CBA: Thank you SO much Bronze for a great interview. We wish you best of luck in your future writing endeavors! I'm sure all of your readers look forward to the day you publish your first book.

If you have the time, read one of Bronzehairedgirl620's many stories, and you will see what a loss to the world of Twilight Fan Fiction it would have been if this young author's love for writing had been extinguished by the cruel words of a few thoughtless readers. And, please, keep this interview in mind if ever you are temped to flame a FF author.

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When are you guys going to interview Daddy's Little Cannibal? She's like a fanfiction legend!

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. I'll pass this along to Personal Miracle our FF specialist.

Anonymous said...

I seriously don't understand how someone can flame bronzehairedgirl620. I LOVE her fics!!! She is an amazing author and I'm glad you guys interviewed her!!!

Kristina said...

I am a HUGE fan of Bronzehairedgirl620 (and I have told her that through PM's..LOL) She is a great writter and wise beyond her years. I am glad that she can get over those incondsiderate people that leave flames, and get on with what she does best - which is write fantastic fan fic's.
Great interview!!!