Friday, April 10, 2009

The CBA Twilight Saga Weekly Recap

5 Questions About "New Moon" -It's nice to have some new questions other than the storyline that we have all read multiple times.

One of the questions should have been: "Can this be the movie poster??"

Kristen Turns 19! -Yay, for prime numbers! (Mel cracks herself up) She and members of the cast celebrated in Vancouver.

The Newest British Invasion - They're not the Rat Pack. They're not the Brat Pack. They're they Brit Pack!

"Breaking Dawn" Wins Galaxy Book Award- With all the mixed opinions from the fans, it's nice to see Stephenie's work being recognized.

(Yes, we know that's the Heisman Trophy. Yes, we think that we are funny.)

"Twilight" Inspired Treats From Japan - The secret ingredient is....TWILIGHT!

Now that's Good Eats!

Forks High Location In Vancouver Found!
- School is now in session.

Stephenie Meyer Does It Again - With all the media surrounding the filming of "New Moon", does it surprise anyone that the books are back at the top of the literary chats? Does it really?

-Jess and Mel

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