Saturday, April 4, 2009

The CBA Weekly "Twilight" Awards

The "Most Likely To Make Us Change From Team Edward And Team Jacob To Team Paul" Award Goes to: Alex Meraz!

Remember, ladies, he is happily married and about to be a father. Yes, that's supposed to deter you.

The Award For "Best Fakeout" Goes To: Rob walking off the New Moon set!

Honorable mentions: "Rob Replaces Tobey McGuire In Spiderman 4" (this one was mean taunting us with the chance to see Rob in spandex) and "Dane Cook Announces He Has Joined New Moon Cast Via Twitter".

The "Family Bonding Time" Award Goes To: Our Cullen Boys and their dinner together in Vancouver!

It's nice to see the Cullen men getting along. I wonder what the Cullen women are doing?

The "Let The Bygones Be Bygones" Award Goes To: Taylor and Edi!

They can play nice. Why can't all just get along???

The "Not Quite Sure If This Is An April Fool's Joke Or Not" Award Goes To: The Rob Cologne!

*turns head to the side* Huh.

The "Best Cruise Director On The Love Boat" Goes To: Kellan Lutz for his upcoming Twilight Cruise!

(We'll take any excuse to use pics from this photo shoot..)

Stuck on a boat with Kellan? Sign us up!

-Mel & Jess

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