Friday, April 17, 2009

The CBA Weekly Twilight Recap

Cam Gigandet Becomes a Daddy!:
With parents like hers, we know she's got good genes. Jealous!

The CBA Reader's Choice Award For April Is Announced: Congrats to Carmelinagunn!

Interview With FanFiction Author Jayeliwood And Her Husband: Part 1 & Part 2
Another insight to the people who take the characters that we know and love and create new stories.

Bobby Long Interview the Waldorf Astoria in NYC by our own Kim R!

Michael Welch On CSI: He may have only been onscreen for a short time, but he did a great job! (Nerd + Mike = Happy Mel...and she didn't to be abridged this week)

Summit Announces New Moon Cast: Charlie Bewley, Daniel Cudmore and Christopher Heyerdah have all been confirmed. Click the link for pics!

Interview With Amanda Bell From The Examiner: By the newest CBA staffer Nino. What a way to jump right in!

Ellen DeGeneres Wants The Biggest Twilight Fan!

More chances to get to meet Rob! As if we needed another reason to stalk him?

- Mel & Jess

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