Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cougars Go Gaga For Robert Pattinson

Even Cougars (older ladies) are nuts over young, hot Robert Pattinson. If you have a problem with this you are really on the wrong blog. I love this tweet from ET's Mary Hart:

Thanks to Twi Crack for this.

~Kim C


Snarkier Than You said...

Is it wrong that I don't wan't to be lumped into the same "TwiCougar" pool as Mary Hart? Because something about that makes me feel pretty squiffy...

Honolulu Girl said...

I think it's easy to fall in love with Rob because of two reasons.
1) The character he plays-Edward is such an old sole and very much a gentleman (ok, so he's a vampire but still a gentleman).
2)Even though Rob is only 22, he doesn't act young. He seems older than that by the way he carries himself and he's so humble about his looks, his fans, his acting. It's hard not to fall for him.