Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cullen Boys Weekly Twilight Awards

The "Rocking The Mesh Tank Top And Salvador Dali Mustache While Still Looking Hot" Award Goes To
: Robert Pattinson!

Whether he's being aristic, rockin' the 80's look or just plain dirty, Rob's got the 'midas touch'. We likey!

The "Best Simultaneous Use Of A Tool Belt And Lipstick" Award goes to: Jackson Rathbone for his role on 'Criminal Minds' this week.

Even after the show, we just wanted to give him a hug.

(Attention: Jackson, if you are reading this and would like to take us up on our offer of said hug, please contact us at 1-800-CBA-LOVE. Operators available 24/7)

Check out the review here

The "Dude Where's My Car??" Award goes to: Kellan Lutz as he leaves club 'My House'.

Don't worry, we're sure many girls were more than willing to help him on his way.

The "Sour Grape" Award goes to: Whoever thought this was a great idea..

Just take a step back and look at the big picture. Does this really make sense?

pic credit: Sally Minker

The "Smoothest Operator" Award goes to: Our own Kim C for finding a way to bring this picture back onto the blog.

She knows how to work the "eye candy". Kim, we are not worthy.

The "'Did He Just Propose To Me Again?' Look" Award goes to: Kristen Stewart .

If only we could be that mic in the picture so that we could know what actually being said. Although, if we were there, we may have been off camera being handcuffed against the side of a police cruiser.

For more "New Moon" pics go here

The "Biggest Heart" Award goes to: Michael Welch and Touched By Twilight

Cue Mel's gushing here. In a nutshell, she thinks he's such a sweetie with a big heart and she really wants you to help out

(Really, we're giving you the abridged version)

Help out here

Other organizations that Mike helps with include: Kids With A Cause and Save Darfur

The "Best Use Of Self-Control While Trying To Talk About Mike Welch And Breast Cancer" Award goes to: Mel and Jess for not making any boob jokes (although we cracked ourselves up for a good hour)

-Jess and Mel

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