Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Dark" Edward Cullen In Dream Scenes Of "New Moon"

Robert Pattinson has told Entertainment Tonight that fans can expect a much darker Edward in "New Moon", particularly in Bella's dreams where Rob has mentioned "One dream sequence which [he doesn't] think anyone will expect, Edward is this kind of demon.' 'So, hopefully people will be a little freaked out by it.'"

The Examiner's Amanda Bell has written an article discussing Rob's quote and trying to determine whether or not this exact dream could possibly be a scene omitted from "Twilight":

Ever since this statement, fans have been searching page by page through New Moon trying to figure out just where that is coming from. We know that Bella has nightmares throughout the books, but, in them, they are usually her searching for something that is lost – something that is gone, Edward.

Yet, there is no demonic Edward to be seen, at least that I could tell. Looking back through Twilight, though… alas, there is (at least) one possibility. We already know that there were a lot of parts of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight that were left in the cold with the 2008 film by Catherine Hardwicke. Many of the omissions, we also know, disappointed Twilight fans.
One such may be this scene from Twilight, which may in fact be the elusive dream sequence that Robert Pattinson will be bringing us in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

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