Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ending the week with style

And what a fabulous week we have had. A lot of great news, and a lot of fun facts all over the Twilight Fan Community. Don't we just love it?

This is the first week with me in the team of CBA. And i got on the team with a splash, and in a really good news week as well. I'm lucky i guess. And Kim, my boss, has been very supportive. And i got like the best comment and compliment from her as well. I'm not gonna tell what, but Kaleb, be ready for a Twi-guy fight! ;)

This is also the first week of Vamp Saturday. Witch will be a little article from me, every week, where i go through the hole week of news and other fun event's in the Twilight Fan Community. So let's not prolong this anymore, and just get started.

Nominations of the MTV Movie Awards got out. And a lot of our favorites where in the lists. Twi-hard's have been voting all week long. And let's hope it has payed off. We got Best Movie, Best Female, Best Male and Best Villan, just to talk about some of them.

Jamba Banana Bamba! Chicki chicki! Nobody could have missed the Elvis Presley banana following Kellan around and just filming his every move. Did we ever get to the part where we discovered why the he** he had that banana costume on him? Marketing campaign or what? Well, paparazzi's just go to far these day's.

The Evil, the oh so good, charming and graceful Aro part also got confirmed this week. Of course we got to see Michael Sheen taking home the role. And there was a lot of good comment's on this one. Summit did a really great choice by picking the right Aro for the role. Will Michael Sheen be able to win non-fans over? Well i think so.

Nobody of course missed the good-looking picture's of Rob this week. Girl's where falling all in love, all over AGAIN. Well, we just can't get enough of Rob. Also Holly Conway meet Rob, and talked about it in her show at the Beat 94.5, and she confirmed him smelling awesome. We did not expect anything less i might add. Hugh Jackman while in Italy meeting fans, also said that Rob is a great singer. We have heard it our self's, and we cant do anything else then to actually confirm it. Am i right or am i right?

Hey, should we thank Lainey Gossip for all the awesome picture's this week? Seriously, there was a lot, and well the fans love it. How much we may hate the papz, we still love it when we get to see picture's of our favorite cast in the world, but not when it's too personal although. Peter and Elizabeth arrived at the airport, heading off to the set, and then we also got to see Ashley and Kellan go shopping. We also go to see picture's from Kristen and some of the Wolf's. Gotta love it right?

Then of course nobody missed our great exclusive Bobby Long interview. We got some great stuff out of him and it was utterly interesting to get to know him better. More interview's also heading up this week was the fantastic two part interview with the Twilight Fan Fiction author Jayeliwood and her Husband. Also my debut here at CBA was the interview with Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, I got some real interesting stuff out of her. If you missed any of this, it's really a must read, so what are you waiting for?

100 Monkey's concert in Vancouver. And you know what? A lot of the cast was at the concert, checking Jackson's band preform. The fans over there must have gone all crazy and hey, i don't blame them for a second. Hot Twi-Guys and Girls. Who wouldn't have?

The, like the week just couldn't have been better. We get three, yes you heard me right, three video's with Alex Meraz, interview's for his role and a rumor clear up about Rob's smell and guess what. Rob smells like roses to Alex. Very entertaining indeed. He is really a funny guy and i know you girl's love his hot body!

... Couple of hours of finger hurting, away from the keyboard ...

Not enough that the week got better with all the Alex Meraz video's? Of course not. We got the full list of all cast members for "New Moon" this week as well. Charlie Bewley as Demetri, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Daniel Cudmore as Felix, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Dakota Fanning as Jane, Cameron Bright as Alec, Noot Seer as Heidi, Michael Sheen as Aro, Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater and Tinsel Korey as Emily. Well, this week just can't get any better, oh well we also cleared up that Billy Burke would reprise his role as Charlie Swan.

ET Online was also at the set of "New Moon" and got some exclusive behind the scene's shoots and interview's with Robert, Kristen and Taylor. We got to see a great preview video as well. Don't forget, all this will be airing on ET Online next week, the 23d of April.

Carter Burwell also said on his website that he would not be composing the score for "New Moon", his information says that Alexandre Desplat has been chosen to do it. Alexandre has composed some other scores for Chris Weitz as well.

And to end this week's and the first Vamp Saturday, we got to see some hardcore picture's and a video of Taylor working out on the set. Girl's all over the world went "Graawwh"... Drooling.

See you next week, in a new episode of Vamp Saturday!


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