Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ETonline Exclusive Starts Tomorrow

The ETonline Exclusive from the set of "New Moon" starts tomorrow the 23d of April. Do not forget to check it out. It continues through out the weekend.

We will get to see exclusive interview's with Robert, Kristen and Taylor and some very nice shoots from the filming. Are you excited? Well you should be.

Robert Pattinson says it feels “surprisingly natural” to be back in character as “Edward Cullen.” “I’m not stressed at all on this job, so it’s kind of a nice feeling. Since the film was a success so you get a little more free reign and people are more trusting.”
Taylor Lautner, who gained 30 pounds of muscle for his role as “Jacob Black,” tells ET how he felt when rumors swirled that another actor might be cast in New Moon, “When we wrapped Twilight I knew where Jacob’s character was going, so I started to get to work immediately. I started hitting the gym. I just stayed focused the whole time and the role was always mine. It was a lot of hard work but it’s definitely paying off now.”

Kristen Stewart, “Bella Swan,” tells ET that Rob will have a chance to play a more frightening Edward in this film, “The dream sequences are really eerie. Edward gets a chance to be a little bit more scary and not so perfect.”
Do not miss this show for anything in the world. Hopefully we will be able to post the clips on our site as well for those who do not live in the USA to see.

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