Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exciting Bobby Long News!

Bobby Long has hit #8 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart! How cool is that. His new single "Left to Lie" made it's iTunes debut on March 31st & he is already the #8 singer/songwriter & counting. Let's all help to make this fabulous musician #1. Download "Left to Lie" on iTunes today! If you don't already have iTunes click HERE.

Here are some interviews with Bobby you may not have seen before.

This one is a clip from his ITN interview via FHM. It's a rapid fire Q & A where Bobby quickly answers (or tries to) a series of questions. What cartoon character would he be? What movie has he watched the most? What scares him the most? What is his favorite CD? What makes him turn red? Awww...look how cute he is answering these personal questions:

This is a Gossip Girls interview he did back in March. It's a great get to know Bobby interview. Among other things, how did he feel when "Let Me Sign" made it on the Twilight CD & what did he do when he found out? The boxers or brief question is asked, does Bobby answer? Watch & find out:

You can read CBA's Bobby Long interview HERE. Visit Bobby's MySpace HERE, The Land of Dreamers LJ HERE, The Bobby Long Experience HERE and Bobby's YouTube Channel HERE.

~Kim C

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