Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Rob & Kristen Fan Encointer In Vancouver

Here's a picture of Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart taken by a fan. Apparently they were on their way to an Indian restaurant to have dinner with Edi & Taylor. This info comes via utopia76 on Kristen's IMDb page:

Hey hey hey yup babe i met Kstew. the pic didnt come out very clear she was in the cab and the paps were being a$$hole but i met her. told her about the IMDB the Kbitches and all she started laughing she was real sweet cause she was in th cab and ended up opening her door to say hi and let me take a pic :) isnt that sweet . so whoever says otherwise well can just go kill themselves

oh and just incase all the talk about why were they alone together, they were totally buddies nothing going on i swear. they looked like two pals going to meet more friends for dinner that was it. so lets not let rumors starts guys ok. capisce

We are staying in the same hotel and just happend to have been leaving to go out at the same time :) i got lucky lol

rob is in another hotel just across from us kristen is staying in our hotel. but they just met up here to to leave i guess.

~Kim C

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