Saturday, April 11, 2009

"How To Be" Las Vegas Review

Las Vegas Film Examiner, Terra King has a review of "How To Be" starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Oliver Irving:

And the big event for today was the first viewing (at this festival) of the new Robert Pattinson film "How to Be." Billed as a comedy, it was a bit hurtful to watch. It was full of teenaged angst and with every corner that Pattinson's character Arthur turned his worse fears were always confirmed. After reading some of a self-help book by a Canadian psychologist , Arthur pays for the Dr. to come to live with him and teach him "How to be." Robert Pattinson (Harry Potter, Twilight) is an excellent actor and will be a huge star for years to come. I don't think this movie will add too much to his fame, but it was an interesting study in humanity, sometimes at it's worst.


CBA has an awesome How To Be review by made of awesome Kathy Davis in our CBA forum HERE. Check it out! It does contain spoilers so beware.

~Kim C

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