Saturday, April 18, 2009

"How To Be" Review And Pictures From Deland, FL

The Athens theater in Deland. Ryan, Claire, Abby and Corey are first in line!

To begin with, let me introduce myself: I am known by my daughters and all of their friends as mommy forrest (mmy4est). My youngest is in college far away, but most of her friends attend colleges in Florida. When Oliver Irving scheduled a screening of How to Be in Deland (not really Orlando) I bought several tickets and offered to take whoever wanted to come. The first to accept was Abby, a film student at University of Florida. Also coming down from UF were Ryan and Corey, and Claire attends Stetson, right there in Deland.

We arrived at the theater hours early. Compared with other screenings that I've read about, this one was pretty calm, and we were first in line. The crowd was very well-behaved, hardly any screaming at the mention of Mr. Pattinson. :-)

Claire, Abby, Ryan and Corey in the theater. Abby is a film student, Corey took some film classes, Ryan and Claire were actually interested in the film.

Me, Claire and Abby

Mike, Johnny, Joe and Oliver on stage after the movie. they were taking pictures and video of each other and the audience.

The movie was very sweet and funny. I wish I had been stronger and hadn't seen all the spoilers out there (warning: more spoilers ahead), but I am glad that I had read/seen the interviews with Oliver Irving. I didn't want to ask the same questions that have been asked a million times before. (and some of those were asked during the Q & A after the film, and Oliver, Mike, Johnny and Joe tried very hard to look interested, poor things!)

****Spoilers ahead:

There was a very sweeeeeet Camaro in the film which Rob was supposed to be driving. I knew (b/c I am a Twihard, and read everything) that Mr. Pattinson did not obtain his driver’s license until just before Twilight started filming, that he wasn’t driving this beautiful vehicle.

My question at the Q & A was "who was driving that sweet Camaro in the film?"

Oliver answered (and I don’t have it on video b/c I was actually making eye contact and listening to the answer). He said "Rob didn’t drive it. He kept saying he was going to get his license, but never did. Due to insurance, we had to use a stunt driver."

Oliver then went on to explain that for those shots where you would see the driver, he had to wear Rob’s wig and jacket so he would look like Art. During breaks of the filming of the driving sequences, Oliver said he would go up to Rob to give more direction, and be yelling "Rob, Rob", and finally the guy would turn around and it was the stunt driver. He said it would crack him up every time he did it. (so sorry... he told this much better than I did).

Laughing, Oliver continued: During the driving sequences where Rob is actually at the wheel and you can see that the car is moving, the crew pushed the car and they were going at about 3 mph.

When the theater was supposed to close for the night, Oliver and crew continued the questions and answers outside the theater. I had hungry college kids with me, so we departed to look for food.

All in all, a lovely experience, and I highly recommend seeing this film in the theater if you can.

**You rock mmy4est! Thanks for sending us this wonderful review. It looks like you guys had an awesome time & I loved your question.

~Kim C


Anonymous said...

Nice piece. Was great she got the tickets for others to go, but I might be wrong, but what did Oliver Stone have to do with this movie? I thought it was Oliver Irving who directed it.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

LOL! Thanks for catching that. I've edited it. In the beginning she said 'Irving' so I'm sure it was just a mix up. Thanks.