Saturday, April 4, 2009

Save The Book Babe Rocked!

I'm back from the fabulous Project Book Babe event! It was amazing.

OME! I can't believe I got to meet Be My Escape & Pel from the Twilight Lexicon. I was nervous so I could only say like 2 words to them.

Here is the awesome Kim (in green) from the CBA teen forum. She was in the really good seats. Way to go Kim! Here's what Kim had to say about the night:

"It was so great just being in the same room as her (SM). I was astonished by the auction but at least it went to a good cause.. I met the lady i was sitting next to while waiting in line i got there around 11-12pm. The tickets were expensive but they counted as part of my b-day present. After the event when we got our goody bags i got the hardcover breaking dawn which was the last book i needed so i was really excited. Although i was kinda bummed because the girls next to me went up and got pics with Stephenie so we were following behind them and Shannon Hale told her they couldnt do anymore photos or autographs. I want to like actually meet her SOOOOOOO bad. But i did get a picture with Pel from the Twilight"

Then it was time to begin! First we had a touching message delivered by the Book Babe, Faith Hochhalter. Then we heard from two great musical acts, Adam Krump & the Adam Watts Band.

Next was the incredible panel discussion:

The amazing authors: Chris Gall is on the far left (his sign is cut off), P. J. Haarsma, Shannon Hale, J. S. Lewis, Dean Lorey, Stephenie Meyer, Brandon Mull, James A. Owen, Janette Rallison, & Laini Taylor.

The panel discussion was lively and very, very funny. Here is a short recap from my memory so it's not exact. Some of the questions were: What were you like at age 14? (Stephenie Meyer said she was boring & she read a lot.) How does you imagination work? Is writing hard work or is it recreation for you? (SM said she likes writing way more then editing.) When did you first call yourself a writer? (SM said she still has trouble thinking of herself as a writer & it's been six years.)

Then it was time for the raffle & auction. Here is what things went for in the auction:

Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse prom dress: $5500 (Congratulations to Alison from Twifans!)
Advanced Readers Copy of Twilight: $1500
Epilogue to Forever Dawn: $ 5100
Eclipse Draft: $2600
The Host Draft: $1100
Lunch with Stephenie Meyer: $6500 each (there was only supposed to be one lunch but because Stephenie is the BOMB she gave the 2 people who were in a bidding war each a lunch.)
The Host Skateboard: $ 1500

Thanks to everyone who put this event together. You all did a wonderful job! It looks like a lot of money was raised for a great cause.

~Kim C

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