Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inked Magazine's Interview With Jackson Rathbone

Inked Magazine has an interview with Jackson discussing his fans, his band and of course, tattoos. I'm not sure when this interview took place as one of Jackson's answers talks about him begining training for "New Moon", but I really found it interesting.

You're in a band too, called 100 Monkeys. So who's wilder-the 100 Monkeys groupies or the Twilight groupies?We're just so happy to have fans at all. The 100 Monkeys fans are wild-one of my band mates once got molested in a bathroom after a show. The Twilight fans are so amazing-they're always asking me to sign stuff, like their faces, or their cell phones. I'm like, I don't want to de-face your cell phone! And I especially don't want to de-face your face.

What other tattoos do you plan on getting?I'd love to get the Rathbone family crest on my back-it would take up my whole back. Our motto is "Suaviter et Fortiter," which means "nicely, but firmly." My dad always taught me that you've got to give respect to get respect, and you've got to give love to get love. Makes sense, right?

You can read the full interview here (found via The Twilight Times)


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Snarkier Than You said...

Cool! I didn't know he had tattoos... And I have to admit, after going with JJ to get her latest tat a couple of weeks back, I was a lot more drawn to the idea of getting my own when it was all said and done... I will have to go check out the whole thing later! : )