Thursday, April 16, 2009

Interview with a Favorite of All -- The Twilight Examiner

One of the people mostly known for writing a lot about The Twilight Saga is Amanda Bell. Every day we get new and exciting articles from this girl. And everybody in our fan community loves it. So I decided to ask Amanda a couple of questions. Read it, enjoy it, and learn from it.

Nino: So Amanda, how did all this begin for you? Tell us you’re Twilight Story!

Amanda: Honestly, it's probably the same story as with any Twilight fan - I read the books (and read them again and again I can't tell you how many times) and fell in love with the characters, the dialogue, the story... pretty much everything related to Twilight. I also really love the massive discussion that it has brought between us all - a sort of bonding experience. I know that if I am meeting someone new, and they have read the Twilight series, we are going to have a lot to talk about and will most assuredly become friends. I am constantly in awe of the many beautiful humanist traits that the series (both books and films) has brought out in people. My infatuation with the series, thanks to my fortunate circumstance of getting to write about it everyday, grows ever more fierce (much to my surprise, since I couldn't imagine that as a possibility) everyday.

Nino: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob or maybe Team Demetri? ;)

Amanda: You know, I have been avoiding this question, but I'll say it - I'm Team Edward. I love Jacob Black, though, and I was very pleased when he finally (spoiler) imprinted with Renesmee. My fondness for Jacob, I have to admit, came only after a second reading of the series. He is, to me, a catalyst to the story of Bella and Edward. As for why I am Team Edward - I am very fond of Bella, and I could feel throughout the story how engaged she was with Edward. It wasn't just his particularities (though they were/are auspicious indeed), but also the feeling that Bella had around him - it was/is powerful magic. Not to mention, his character has some one-liners that
gives me, as a woman, the chills. As for Demetri, I am a little afraid of him... :-)

Nino: If we take out Edward, Bella and Jacob, which character do you like the most of those who are left?

Amanda: Is the entire array of characters a choice? Ha, just kidding. Well, let's see... if I had to choose one character as a favorite other than those three, I'd have to say Carlisle. He, to me, was the embodiment of the idea of the Cullens. I also absolutely cherished his relationship with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. His story of transformation was mind-boggling, and his calm and collected demeanor was an asset to the story. He was the one that any person on Earth could truly trust to do the right thing in any circumstance. Of the human, I'd have to say my favorite character other than Bella is Charlie.

Nino: How do you feel about the Twilight Fan Community?

Amanda: The Twilight fan community is amazing. Talk about a group of the most intelligent, interesting, compassionate, generous, and loyal people and then spanse it across the entire world - amazing, simply amazing. Not to mention, the Twilight community is fierce. When something needs to get done, it gets done (and well). Not a day goes by that I'm not just consistently bewildered by what is accomplished within it.

Nino: I also noticed that your articles just come out like rain, they never stop and hey, we love you for that. But do you ever have time to sleep?

Amanda: Haha. Funny you should ask. Yes, I do sleep... but I love to write, especially about Twilight. It's the first job I've ever had that I truly love. Reading the comments and responses that the articles get (positive or negative - though I've been fortunate that they're mostly positive, and I am thankful for that - I read and appreciate every single one), my emails, and fansite references is so motivating. I can't tell you how much of a compliment it is.

Nino: Your articles are pretty much always on the most read list on What do your editors think about that?

Amanda: I don't know what they think.... I am sure they are proud.

Nino: How did you become the Twilight Examiner?

Amanda: It's actually just pure luck. was hiring, and I knew of all the things I could report on that I would love to write about the Twilight series the most. I submitted a proposed article, and they hired me to the team!

Nino: Can we look forward to any exacting new big examiner article this week?

Amanda: Let's see... I am not that great at planning ahead, but I try and write something new every night. I read an article supporting Stephen King's views on Stephenie Meyer's writing (gah) this week from one of my colleagues at, and I think I'm going to challenge that author's opinions (stay tuned). Also, next week, I'm going to be going to Nashville to see Bobby Long and Sam Bradley. I can't say anything more about that right this second, but the ensuing pieces should be rather exciting!

Nino: Are you planning on visiting any premier or FanCon this year?

Amanda: Things are still up in the air... but, for now, I do know that I will be going to TwiCon. :-)

Nino: And how does it feel to be interviewed by a Twi-guy?

Amanda: It feels great! As I always say, the demography of a Twilight fan is quite diverse (despite the assumptions of some).

Nino: Last but not least, any shoutouts or thank you’s?

Amanda: I'd like to give a shout-out to my sister Ali, with whom I had my very first Twilight discussion.

Also, I'd like to thank my good friends in the fansite community, including you all, for being so kind and fun to collaborate with.

Lastly, many humble thanks to the readers who make me smile so often it should be illegal in the workplace. :-)

Nino: Thank you for your time Amanda, the community loves you!

Read Amanda Bell's great articles over at Twilight Examiner.


Peace. Love. Twilight! said...

Great interview! Amanda's awesome.

I posted this. :)

JennM said...

Thanks so much for this. I really enjoy reading Amanda's articles and it was great to hear more about her!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Cullen Boys, I love your site, but I do not like The Examiner at ALL and that includes Amanda Bell. SO sorry.They get paid by the number of hits to their stories nothing else so anything that gets a hit works. That is not good journalism. SO sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. I hate to say it, but I agree. The "Examiners" just get paid by the hit. Virtually anyone can write for them, and Amanda in particular seems to think of herself as a "journalist".

Right. She just rips off everyone else's articles.

I did like her interview with Sam Bradley, though, so I guess I'll thank her for that.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Amanda's articles are wonderful! Her writing is provoking, indepth & insightful. It's a blessing to have someone of her caliber in the Twilight world. She examines news & takes it to the next level. She gives us more then soundbites, fluff, gossipy stories, or peices written for the tween audience...she gives us meat.

You need to think seriously if you think some of the major fansites you probably visit aren't raking in the big bucks for the hit you give them as well. Yeah I said it.