Sunday, April 19, 2009

Interview with Kristen Stewart at Sunday Morning Herald

As the release of the DVD in Australia is coming up fast, the Herald has been all up in putting up interview's with all our lovely star's and favorite author.

Kristen how has a bit of bloodline in Australia says this to the Sunday Morning Herald;

"I actually don't mind Vegemite," she says, laughing. "I know most Americans can't stand the smell, taste or look of it but I like it."

Stewart, of course, can thank her Maroochydore-born mum for an early introduction to the iconic Australian spread. Born in Los Angeles and raised in the US, the actress names Noosa Heads as one of her favourite places on the planet. The Queensland resort town is where she holidayed with her family and learned to ride a surfboard.

Stewart's Australian heritage also inspired the name of her dog, a border collie named Oz.

"I love Australia and we have a lot of great family and friends down there. I can't wait to get back," she says

Kristen also tells the Herald about the fans and the excitement of getting back to start filming "New Moon".

"It feels so good to have something you love be received so hotly," says Stewart, who became just as entranced by Twilight after reading the novel as its millions of teenage (and adult) fans.

"But the physical manifestation of the success, from the screaming fans to the box office, is just crazy.

"The fans are just so enthusiastic and I am so excited to do New Moon. I'm so ready to get on to the next one."
Read the entire interview over at the Sunday Morning Herald.

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le steph said...

yeah, I read that in the S section of the Sun-Herald yesterday.
The way the writer made her sound made me respect her so much more than I did. There was also a part on the side about "other actresses not afraid to walk on the dark side", like Angelina, ScarJo and even Naomi Watts.

They also mentioned how she got a reported $2mil for Twilight, and apparently $4mil for NM.