Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Billy Burke In Or Out Of "New Moon " Cast?

Did you notice that Billy Burke's name wasn't on Summit's complete "New Moon" cast list. Why was this? Is the role of Charlie being cut from "New Moon"? MTV's Larry Carroll gets to the bottom of it:

An inside source has confirmed to MTV that the veteran actor is indeed in the "New Moon" cast, and will be returning as Bella's father. Despite Billy Burke's omission from the press release, Kristen Stewart's family will look exactly the same when they hit theaters everywhere on November 20th.

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Thanks to Nino & Jen at the Twilight Times!

~Kim C


Jenny Jerkface said...

Phew! I really hope he's stays on as Charlie. I thought he was hysterical and offset a few of the more 'awkward' moments by other actors.

Hazel Designs said...

This scared me at first!