Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is The Michael Sheen Casting Winning Non-Fans Over?

EW has an article on the Michael Sheen 'New moon' casting & how it has been both popular and added gravitas to the cast:

"But you've also got to wonder if Weitz sought Sheen out because he'd lend the production a credibility that even the casting of Dakota Fanning as Volturi member Jane hadn't managed. Comments on our weekend news brief about Sheen's casting make you think he might've succeeded:

Sara: Holy crap! Now I will definitely go see this movie! I love Michael Sheen!

beelkay: Fantastic! Now that I can get behind. I just hope all these good actors they're getting lift the original cast's game rather than overshadow them.

Jessi: I wasn't sure if I'd bother to see New Moon in theatres, but I definitely will now! Michael Sheen is exactly the kind of actor Summit needs to cast to atone for the mediocrity of the first film.

and my personal favorite...

stella: Twilight is a piece of trash, but Michael Sheen is the s---.

Are any of you haters non-believers contemplating giving the series a try now that Sheen is on board? Anyone who swore off the films after the first one planning a return?"

Read the full article HERE.

~Kim C

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