Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kellan Lutz Talks Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer

[Kellan Lutz hamming it up with Robert Pattinson]
[Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer]
Kellan hearts Robert! In Kellan's interview with Scholastic, he tells about his bromance with fellow Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, saying that he likes to think he is Rob's brother when they are shooting their scenes on set.
Kellan also gushes about author Stephenie Meyer, who helped him get into his character and figure out how Emmett thinks.
"She [Stephenie] was always there for us. I had a lot of questions. There was one passage that was left out [in Twilight], about Emmett and the bear, and it told a lot about Emmett and Edward's relationship and how close they really are. For me to read that really helped me understand that relationship. When Rob and I are acting, I really feel that we're brothers. Without that I don't think I would have had that connection. Stephenie just gave me so much info."

*Can I get an "awwwww!"? It's so great how close they all are. This just gives me more reasons to love Kellan!!
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