Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kellan's Snowboarding Love

Kellan confessed to the Dish Rag that he loves snowboarding, stating that:
"I love snowboarding but I can't tell that to the studio because I'm not supposed to be snowboarding just before shooting." What he means is, after he gets back from snowboarding, he has two weeks of shooting his New Moon scenes. Kellan goes on to mention that New Moon will be about the werewolves and their story, and not focused solely on the vampires.
However, shooting for Eclipse is scheduled for August, so Kellan will be back for more in the fall.

*Note: Kellan, if you need a snowboarding parter, I know a few girls at CBA who would love to go with you!

See the whole article HERE at the Dish Rag.

~ Brandi

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