Monday, April 27, 2009

Kings Of Leon Concert Review!!

This is my first concert review for all to see ... here it goes!!!

Saturday night I attended the Kings Of Leon concert at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, PA. I have three words ... IT WAS AMAZING!!! It was the best $45 I have ever spent.

The show started at 8:00 pm sharp. The opening act was a band called The Walkmen. I had never heard of them before this and they weren't bad. They had a brass section play with them which I thought was awesome, it added to their music. Their songs had great beats that kept my foot tapping and head bobbing their whole set (which was 40 minutes). The lead singers voice reminded me a little of the lead singer from The Killers.

Kings Of Leon came on at about 9:15pm and opened up with "Crawl" from their most recent album. They really know how to get a crowd on their feet! They played a great mix from songs off all four of their albums, which was awesome because I'm a HUGH fan of From Youth & Young Manhood. From that album they played "Red Morning Light", "Molly's Chambers", and "California Waiting".

Off the Aha Shake Heartbreak record, they played two of my favorites, "Taper Jean Girl", and "Four Kicks" and more. From Because Of The Times they played "Knocked Up", "Charmer", "On Call", and my "My Party". And from their most recent album Only By The Night, they played their singles, "Sex On Fire" and "Use Somebody". What I loved about it was they mixed them in throughout the set and didn't just save them for the end. They also played my personal favorite in their encore, which is "Closer". I could listen to just that song for hours!! And it's about a lovesick vampire ... how can you not love it!!! Plus "Notion", "Manhattan" and "Cold Desert".

I have been to many concerts and Kings of Leon definitely puts on the best live show I have seen. They grab your attention right off the bat and keep you engaged the entire set. The whole place was on their feet, dancing and singing for the entire hour and 45 minute set. And it was such a wide array of people from 13-14 year olds to 50+ married couples.

What I personally loved most about them is they are soooooo humble and appreciative of all the support from the fans. I know every band goes out there and says something along the lines of we love you, thanks. But the lead singer, Caleb, must have said 4 different times how he can't believe how far they have come, walking out to this many people singing their songs it amazing and it's all thanks to the fans. He genuinely seemed shocked and honored. It was really refreshing to see.

All in all, it was a fantastic night of music. I loved KOL prior to this show and now I cannot get enought of them. I am already counting down until the next time I can see them!

I would highly recommend going to see them live if they are in a town near you!! You won't be disappointed!

For more KOL info, visit their official site HERE!!
For more Walkmen info, visit their official site HERE!!

~ Erin V.


Kimberly Rocha said...

Yay... My Erin rocks.. Great report/ Happy you had a good time...

Courtney said...

i'm going to see them may 21st in San Francisc i'm stoked. was that the the whole order of the play list?

JessH said...

I love your review! I just hope I can go to a concert..

Angry Asian said...

thanks for the review! i am so jealous. i thought about trekking up to Philly for the show since i couldn't make the VA one.
i only just bought the Aha Shake Heartbreak and Youth & Young Manhood albums and love them so far.

StephSchneider said...

I agree they are a great show! I am so happy they are really making it big in the states, finally. Also, have a major crush on Caleb, my heart is a flutter when he sings. Seeing them in August in LA.