Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kristen Stewart In The News

If you're a Kristen Stewart fan here are 3 articles you might find interesting. I just quoted the parts about New Moon:


Stewart says she's looking forward to having the chance to grow up with Bella.

"New Moon is a much more painful story than the first one. It's actually quite devastating. Bella is entirely depressed, but she matures."

The Sudbury Star:

"I'm looking forward to it," she says in a Beverly Hills hotel room, days before heading to Vancouver to shoot the sequel, New Moon.

"There's actually a lot more to work with. The second movie is much more quaint. The first one was about ultimate love and abandon, and that was good, but it's kind of one-note. This one's a different story."

The Province:

"He becomes like her best friend," Stewart says of the werewolf. "It's really [expletive] sad. Edward probably isn't a very good idea for her. He's not the guy she should actually be with, because it's not very convenient. And then there's this guy who comes in and oooohh. Ummmmm."

~Kim C

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