Monday, April 20, 2009

Michael Sheen Interview's About His Aro Part Soon?

So, I asked Michael Sheen via my Twitter-page if we would see any interview's with him anytime soon about his part in the Sequel "New Moon". I got a response back, and I of course want to share it with you CBA readers.

Check out Michael Sheen's twitter.

We are waiting with excitement to see what Michael has to say about the Community and the movie. Also, Michael reported via his twitter that he would be going to Italy soon and start his part next month.

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Anonymous said...

That Twitter account is fake. It does not appear on any of the validated celebrity twitter sites, and just does not read like him.

Megan said...

What are the validated ones?

Today the one for Kellan Lutz (Klutz315) was suspended.

Anonymous said...

Sites like this -

The authenticate social networking accounts with agents etc.

There are other sites but this one is the best IMHO.

There are 3 michael sheens on twitter - none of them are real.