Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Kellan Lutz Interview In Australia has an interview with Kellan in which he discusses "Twilight", the rumors on his love life and his fans.

As hundreds of die-hard devotees flocked to get their DVD copies of the super-successful book-turned-cult-movie autographed yesterday, Kellan Lutz (who plays the brother of heart-throb Robert Pattinson in the film) revealed teenage girls aren't - surprisingly - the ones to look out for.

"It's the mums who are the most full-on, I think some of them actually make their daughters stay home," Lutz told Confidential yesterday.
"And, bless their hearts, they come in these big groups and battle to give us the best presents, (like) candy, picture frames, flowers, baskets of stuff."
But it's not like the 24-year-old hasn't been bombarded by female fans, with some sending "scandalous" pictures and even attempting to chain themselves to his arm.

"They will come up and be like, I'm going to hand-cuff you," he said.
"Now that is not they way you are meant to do it - you've gotta just throw them on and lock 'em in."

Kellan sure has a great sense of humor! "Throw them on and lock 'em in" haha.

Read the full article here (via NewMoonMovie)


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