Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Pictures Of Robert Pattinson In Vancouver Last Night

Thanks so much to ROBsessed for these great pictures of Rob and Sam Bradley in Vancouver last night.

ROBsessed reader Amanda & her friends bumped into Rob & Sam at dinner last night & sent in these pics & a little write up of the experience:

As we were paying and about to leave from a friend's birthday dinner, the famous ROBERT PATTINSON walks right in! how did i know? i see this all too familiar black coat on some guy and im like im going to ask this dude where he got his coat from so i can buy one for my boyfriend. the dude turns around and its Robert Pattinson with friend Sam Bradley.

Read more HERE.

~Kim C


GallifreyReject said...

has anyone noticed how really uncomfortable he looks in these photos?

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Like in this one in an elevator. I believe it was from yesterday too:

Anonymous said...

He started filming yesterday right? Are they not plucking his eyebrows again? I could be wrong, but his eyebrows don't appear to be plucked in these pics.