Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Robert Pattinson Announces Retirement From Acting In 2010

Say it isn't so!! Ropes of Silicon has the story. Apparently Rob has announced he will retire from acting when his contract to Summit is fulfilled. When asked if he will return for Breaking Dawn he said, "it depends on the quality of the next two movies & the demand of the Twilight fans."

He wants to concentrate on his music & get an album recorded. The title of his first album will be, "A Love Song For Edward." Ropes of Silicon has an exclusive look at the album cover. Read more HERE.


Hidayah said...

is this some kind of april fool thing?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this is an April fools joke. it even says so if you click on the link to his supposed album cover

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

Yep it's an April Fools joke. LOL!