Monday, April 20, 2009

Rob's Weekend in Vancouver

(What are you thinking about, Rob?)

Our fabulous Mr. Pattinson was spotted out and about in Vancouver yesterday, getting coffee and chatting on his iPhone. He is reported to have been waiting to shoot the ocean scene where Bella was cliff diving, nearly drowns but sees Edward's face, and gets pulled out of the water.

So fear not, all of us who are afraid of New Moon because Edward is not in most of it: the good news is, we will get to see his face about halfway through the movie, to tide us over until Bella goes to meet him in Italy!

*(Movie theater employees on opening night: "Here are your complimentary tissues, please enjoy your movie.")

[thanks to Lainey for the report, pictures from Lainey via PillowBiters]

~ Brandi

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