Friday, April 3, 2009

Sam Bradley Update

Picture: Recent RPattz & Sam Bradley fan encounter in Vancouver BC

Sam Bradley, co-writer of Never Think (Twilight Soundtrack) with Robert Pattinson has updated his MySpace with some new events. On April 10th he will be doing a show on Vancouver Island. If you can't make it to the Island on the 10th he's planning his largest show yet Saturday, May 2nd in Vancouver. It's a show for charity & he needs 800 people to be there:

Hello much appreciated readers

This is just going to be a quick message. I will be writing a longer message in a few days to tell you what I have been up to recently. I've been a busy bunny!

Now I have a show on April 10th on Vancouver ISLAND. If you would like to reserve tickets the number to call is 1 250 218 7991. Please keep in mind that if you are coming from the mainland that you have to get a FERRY across to the island. It will be a good show though! If you have friends on the island MAKE SURE THEY COME then leave the conversion up to me!

Now for anyone that does not have a boat or $10000000000000 and you can't make it to the island..... I'm going to let you in on a secret. I am planning my largest show yet on MAY 2nd. It will be a charity show. It will be in Vancouver. It will be at an amazing venue. It will be a Saturday. I need 800 people to be there! So tell everyone you know to keep that night free! I need this to be HUGE!

I will tell you more.

Oh and I'm Number 10 on the Canadian Myspace charts so THANK YOU for getting me there.... Help me climb higher x


P.S. KK and Stacey......... Behave haha

If you're not already, sign up to be Sam's friend on MySpace so you can see all his updates.

~Kim C

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