Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stephenie Meyer reflects on Twilight with CourierMail

Just spotted a interview with Stephenie Meyer at the CourierMail from Australia. The interview posted as the Twilight DVD release in Australia happens soon.

Here is a bit from the interview and her reflections over Twilight.

"I WAS observing this perfect circle of a meadow with a boy and a girl having a conversation. She was unremarkable, but he was glistening in the sun. He was beautiful. And he was a vampire.

"He was telling her how much he wanted to kill her and yet how much he loved her."

So recounts Stephenie Meyer, the Mormon mother-of-three living on the edge of the Arizona desert, of her June 2003 dream that stirred her imagination to ask: what happened next?

Read the rest of the entire interview over at CourierMail

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