Friday, April 17, 2009

Sweden Has "New Moon" Opportunities

The entertainment post "Klick" in Sweden, will next week offer a big section about Robert Pattinson. Also the opportunity to win a part (role) in the movie "New Moon". The winner will also get a set visit in Italy.

Can this be a role for the Gianna part? Or just a statistic role? You can discuss it widely.

This news was sent to Twilightsweden, by "Nordisk Film" which is the production and distribution company that handles distribution of the Twilight movie in Sweden.



Peace. Love. Twilight! said...

I doubt that it would be for the part of Gianna if it's something you can win. Probably just an extra.

But exciting nonetheless!

freya said...

I think they'll be the food for the Volturri :p