Friday, April 24, 2009

Taylor and Selena Gomez Spotted!

Taylor and Selena have been Spotted in Vancouver, rumor has it that they have been out on a couple of date's. And i think they both look so adorable, and I'm a guy. Wow. Anyway, they where spotted at this coffee place, and Selena's mother was with them as well. In the following picture's you can see that they both join the same ride, as well as they are both escorted by the same bodyguard.

Anyway, Selena is Beezus and she’s filming in Vancouver and so is Taylor Lautner and this afternoon they popped into a coffee house downtown with her mom. That’s Selena covering her head, hiding behind a bodyguard, and that’s Taylor with the same bodyguard, both getting into a white SUV.
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