Thursday, April 16, 2009

Top 5 Fan made Trailers For "New Moon"

Reelz Channel has compiled what they believe to be the top 5 fan made videos for "New Moon" along with the pros and cons of each such as the video below by tiffanyd666 :

Pros: Dramatic tagline, atmospheric music, Bella diving off a cliff.

Cons: Steven Strait as Jacob.

Final Verdict: Can Summit give this girl a job?

To view all five videos, go here



Lauren said...

i agree totally. ive seen this one before and it is AMAZING!

but i dont like the dude whos jacob...we need taylor for it to be complete.

Kimmie05 said...

That fan made on your main page, was sooo good. She did an amazing job.

Kristin said...

all i have to say is wholy shit. this is amazing!!