Saturday, April 25, 2009

Total Film: On a Date With Robert Pattinson

Total Film had the chance to meet Robert for a date over dinner and do a little interview with him. They talk about obsessing, Little Ashes and Twilight Saga.

Stubble. On your face. Riiiight... So can we talk about Twilight sequel New Moon?

Edward and Bella’s reunion in New Moon is good. It’s different from the book so I think people will be happy.

This movie will have a very different mood. In visual terms it’s going to be so different from Twilight. It’s also a lot scarier. Chris [Weitz, New Moon director] is very willing to go down that route.

Read the entier interview over at Total Film.


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Hazel Designs said...

Their reunion is different from the book?!! I hope this only means it's a lot longer, because I LOVED everything about their reunion. So bittersweet but exciting.

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I cringed a little when I heard that. Then I thought I hope it doesn't turn out botched up meadow scene did.