Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Twilight SceneIt?" DVD Game!

NewMoonMovie has posted that there will be a Twilight SceneIt? DVD game out this October! This is so cool!

Clips from the first movie!

Content from New Moon!

Watch the movies, test your knowledge!

This game features clips, questions and puzzlers from the highly successful Twilight franchise and includes content from New Moon! From the Twilight-themed puzzles to the customized mini-games and bonus activities, Scene It? Twilight Edition will immerse players in the Twilight saga and is sure to resonate with fans of all ages. Game includes game DVD, 4x collectible metal tokens, 150x trivia cards, 30 fate cards, 1x 6-sided die, 1x 8-sided die, and instruction sheet.

Full details on the game can be found at Entertainment Earth



PM from CBA said...

I think I can beat pretty much anyone at this game! Any takers?

JessH said...

You're on!