Friday, April 3, 2009

Twilight Weekend Recap

Robert Pattinson Makes Top 17 Hottest Guys In Hollywood List :
Because a top 20 list is SO last year.

Bobby Long's New Single Now Available On Itunes :

Don't you feel guilty for downloading it now? Here's my logic: Bobby Long and Rob are friends. They have even shared clothes. So, if you support Bobby, then you are also supporting Rob and possibly clothing the boy. Who wouldn't want to say "I bought Rob that shirt"?

Now, go buy the single.

CBA's Interview With Bronzehairedgirl620: Part One & Part Two
For all you FanFiction lovers out there, how does Firefighterward sound? Yeah, we agree. We have an interview the amazing Bronzehairedgirl620, author of the story "Stop, Drop and Roll".

(*Disclaimer* The staff of CBA asks that you please refrain from acts of arson as we cannot garauntee that Firefighterward will actually appear. Thank you, CBA)

Newest Cast Member For 'New Moon':

No, it's not Johnny Depp. We promise you. Stop looking at Johnny, look behind him. It's Jamie Campbell-Bower, the one in the background, and he's been cast as Caius. Now you can go back to looking at Johnny Depp.


The Good Doctor Is Going Home : Peter Fascinelli has confirmed appearances at the London Film and Comic Con as well as Atlanta's Dragon Con. Give Carlisle a good homecoming, ladies!

The Beloved Chief Swan Appears On TV:

Billy Burke appeared on TBS's My Boys this week.(or, in her dreams, Kim R's Boy)

Project Book Babe: Tickets still available for this charity event that is being held April 4th. If you are in the AZ, check it out and you can also meet our lovely News Goddess, KimC!

Taylor Accepts An Award For 'Twilight' At The Kid's Choice Awards:

Hopefully none of the moms in attendance asked him to sign their underwear.

~Mel & Jess

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