Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video From Sam Bradley's Merville Hall Concert

Our friend Deb was at Sam Bradley's concert Friday night at Merville Hall and sent us a write up about it & her video. Enjoy!

It was a great show, small venue so it was very cozy. The capacity of the hall was 191 people max.

Sam was mingling in the audience before he and his band performed, and it seemed that he knew quite a few people in the audience. I was able to pick up an EP of some of Sam's earlier work that he had available to purchase at the event... I was too shy to approach him for an autograph, but one of my friends took the EP cover up to him and had him signed it for me after the show.(Yay!) I listened to the EP over and over again on my two hour drive home, it helped to make the drive much more enjoyable as I cursed down the Island Highway in my little smart car. Oh and I should mention that Sam's sister from England was there was well, she is visiting him right now and she joined him on stage!

The "Micro Music Fest" was an all ages event with three other acts: Clarus, Natalie Germann, and Vestige. I would approximate about 100 people were in attendance if that, as my ticket was # 94 so not a large crowd. I was able to get very close to the stage and get some nice close up video's with my camera. The only thing that I missed being that it was an all ages event, was no alcohol was available. There were quite a few teens in attendance but we were by far not the oldest (thank god), I was worried that it was going to be a tween scream fest. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the event was far from that. All in all it was a wonderful evening filled with great music from a variety of artists!

Cheers Deb...

Thank you Deb for sending this to us! All the CBA girls are so jealous of you for getting to see Sam live.

~Kim C

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Thaifer said...

Thanks for the Sam coverage!! He's amazing!