Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Weekly Cullen Boys Anonymous Twilight Awards

The "Worst Impression Of The 100 Monkeys Banana" Goes to: Elvis!

We have proof! Elvis is alive!!

The "Sigh Of Relief" Award Goes To: Billy Burke who will return as Charlie Swan in "New Moon. It was looking a little iffy there for a second. Who could play a better Charlie? He IS Charlie!

The "Ultimate Groupie" Award Goes To: The New Moon cast for supporting Jackson by attending the 100 Monkeys concert. (All together now...) AWWWWW!

The "Kim R's New BFF" Award Goes to: Bobby Long!

...Or maybe Kim was dazed by his amazing performance. (P.S. singlestillavailableonitunes)

The "Ohmigosh, it's Edward!" Award Goes to: Robert Pattinson. Yesterday, today and always....

The "Best Werewolf Turned Vampire Award" Goes To: Michael Sheen!

You know, because he was in "Underworld". Get it?? We're still not sure of the good guy or bad guy thing.

The "Rocky Balboa Award" Award Goes to: Taylor Lautner for his dedication to fitness while filming "New Moon"

It's nice to see another member of the cast working towards maintaining their role. Doesn't that make you love him even more??

-Mel & Jess

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Anonymous said...

yes, that makes me love taylor even more. =)
he's perfect.