Sunday, April 5, 2009

What A Bummer...No SNL For Robert Pattinson This Season

Saturday Night Live Producer, Lorne Michaels, stated that SNL hosts for this season are all "locked in" so Rob won't be hosting this season:

"We're all locked in with hosts for this year," he said. "Not this season." But, he added, there's always the future. "Yeah, yeah, of course," he said, noting that it would remain to be seen if the actor would make a good host. "You never know."


Here's hoping for next season!

~Kim C


letterstorob said...

anyone else think that rob on SNL would be soo super awkward? i just don't see him doing stand-up comedy! i think it'd be sooo 2nd hand embarrassing!

JessH said...

SNL tends to get stars when they have a new film or project coming out, so we may see Rob hosting right before NM or Eclipse are released?

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

@letterstorob: I know what you mean but I really think he could do it!