Thursday, April 30, 2009

What will life be like after the Twilight Saga?

"What impact will Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn have on a huge sector of the population - the fans - who will eventually become influential decision makers in society? Will people have a new outlook on relationships, love, sex, strength, power, and the age-old struggle between good and evil? In ten years time, 2019, how will the young up and coming power executive be different than the 2009 professional based on their strong, relatable connection to the current Twilight Saga? Will simple day-to-day domestic attitudes toward relationships be impacted by the many layers of Twilight?" (Larson Hill,

WOW! Talk about deep questions!

See this thought provoking article "Will There Be Life After the Twillight Saga" at

What do you think? Will the world be better because of Edward and Bella? Leave us your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

I think the world will be MUCH better place because of Robert Pattinson. Aside from being gorgeous, he is super talented, humble, funny, and down to earth.