Friday, April 24, 2009

Will "Twilight" And "New Moon" Create Vampire Spinoffs?

We have seen it over and over again. Movies lead to TV shows, books lead to TV shows, TV shows lead to books, Movies lead to books, TV shows spawn other TV shows. Will the Twilight Saga result in the same fate?

The Deadbolt has an article discussing this topic.

What Twilight does well is that it gives fans a fresh and appealing battle of the species - werewolves and vampires (Ouellette and Cullen) – to serve as the richer entry point into the love we can’t have and the deeper, more explicit love we should wait for. It really means that we’re all vampires and werewolves just like Edward and Jacob Black when it comes to love and relationships. In the coming Twilight years, we’re likely to see a lot of tier-two vampires pitted against like a Godzilla movie. If it makes money vampires films could possibly go the way of the wave of Asian horror remakes, It’s always, “Too much of a good thing…”

Read the full article here and then let us know what you think!


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