Wednesday, May 13, 2009

23 Reasons To Love Robert Pattinson

In honor of Rob turning 23 today, MTV Movies blogger Nicole Guanlao has created a list of 23 reasons why you should love Rob (as if you needed a list.....or to stop at 23 reasons).

11: When he made his first appearance in “Twilight” and entered the cafeteria, he made us all wish that we lived in some rainy town with vampires running rampant in the woods. Sure it sounds scary, but none of that mattered as long as we could see Robert during lunch period. It made me yearn for my high school days. Oh the memories!

10: He can talk about his underwear, his toenails, and his not-so-stellar running ability on camera and still make the ladies swoon. I mean how many other heartthrobs would be willing to talk about those topics? Yeah. None.

9: If his vampire skills ever fail him, he can always resort to his expertise in wizardry. Which makes him lethal with a wooden stick.

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