Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ashley Greene Tweeting To Help Rob?

Ashley Greene has some really important statements on her Twitter right now that all fans should read. She is commenting on giving Robert Pattinson his space & respecting him. If you saw the earlier video we posted from E!, you know Ashley tells of an experience of Rob being chased down an alley way by fans. If I knew how to make the twitter boxes I would but I always get them from my blogging friends who know how to make them & I don't know if anyone has posted about this yet.

Some of what she says is:

Its so hard for him so this is my plea to the world respect him as a person and give him some space you dk how much that would mean 2 him

I know we all love Rob but just try to hold back on craziness a little plz I know it doesn't seem like it but he's just a normal guy

Don't get me wrong we all love what we do and we love are fans or we wouldn't be doing it and I know what I'm saying iv all ready said

But imagine being afraid to leave the room your in and people chasing you down where ever you go? Its scary I'm so not on the level rob is

I'm totally venting on twitter ha ha which = prob not a good idea! I just needed to make my plea and I hope most of u understand y :)

Visit Ashley's (?) Twitter HERE. *There is controversy as to whether this is Ashley's real twitter or not. Even if it is a fake the point is be nice to Rob, don't chase him*

~Kim C


Angie said...

Has this been confirmed as the real Ashley's twitter? And is it really Kellan she speaks to on it?

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

As far as I know this is her real twitter. I had my doubts but then The Flat Line Conference people sent me some info & they mentioned that Ashley gave the conference a shout out on her twitter & she gave the link to their myspace. This was the twitter link the Flatline people gave me. I don't know why they would say this was her twitter if it's not. Both Ashley & kellan will be appearing at Flatline in October. So if this is the real Ashley why would she be tweeting with a fake Kellan? I think they are both real.

Anonymous said...

Ashely Greene stated in a fairly recent video that she does not have a twitter. Any imposter could give a shoutout or post a link about that conference; that in no way proves it is real. Just because they believe it is her twitter also does not mean it really is.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Greene does not have a twitter, which she confirms in this video:

Honestly, it is very irresponsible to post these types on things on this blog when the information posted has not been confirmed by the actual actor and has come only from a secondary source. Just because someone told you that the twitter was really hers does not mean that their information was correct. It's difficult to take this site seriously when you post things like this that are unconfirmed and only help to fuel rumors.

Anonymous said...

I totally commend Ashley for putting this on twitter. And even if it isn't her, at least someone is truly concerned about Rob. Honestly, fans making him hide out, and run down alleys is starting to be ridiculous. Of course we all think he's super talented, and super hot, but what do you think will happen once you "catch" him? It's not like he's going to ask you to go home with him. I honestly worry that he will go underground and we will have much less chance of enjoying his talent, honesty, and humor.

Anonymous said...

Kellan and Ashley have both said they're not on Twitter. Just because fake people can give shout outs doesn't mean their real. And unless you hear it from them, in a print interview or video where they explicitly say they are on Twitter, I wouldn't believe it. Just saying.

Angie said...

Wow thanks so much for that, I have been following them just wanted to make sure, now I'll be following them even more if that's possible :) Its all us South Africans can do, wish I could also go try and have a look at the set like some of the fans :)

Cullen Boys Anonymous said...

I will send an email to her manager & we'll se if I get a response. One thing on the video celticbreeze is from March 21st & the twitter wasn't started til April 13th.

ThatsMyMonkeyMan said...

Ashley doesn't have a twitter plain and simple. She has stated that she doesn'have time for one. And I agree completely with Celticbreeze post. This is the second time I have seen something about Ashley having a Twitter account on this blog.