Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaking Dawn Goes From "Optioned Property" To "Script" On IMDb Pro

The status of Breaking Dawn on IMDb Pro has gone from "optioned property" to "script" and "planning to start in late spring 2010." The Twilight Examiner, Amanda Bell has written an article about it:

For weeks, we've been speculating about whether this portion of the story of our favorite Twilight characters (one which many Twilight fans to be of more than mild importance) will be brought to the big screen.

It appears that crossed fingers can relax, now, though. Instead of being listed as "optioned property" on IMDb Pro, Breaking Dawn is now in "script," and "[p]lanning to start in late spring 2010."

The plans for production are, quite frankly, right on schedule, with the quickened pace of the Twilight series' production (a fact which appeases many of even the harshest critics as - we all well know - many of the characters' physical characteristics are not subject to change as are, say, the humans portraying them).

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Also, we reported back in April, on an article from The about the production schedule of Breaking Dawn. This news seems to confirm their story.

~Kim C

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