Friday, May 8, 2009

Fanmade 'New Moon' Poster Of Bella

New Moon Movie discovered this fanmade poster of Bella that was done by the creatively talented Grodansnagel.

Not too bad, huh? But you probably remember the post that we did a ccouple days ago on the one of Jacob Black also done by Grodansnagel. WOW!!! That one was pretty hot, don't you think?

But, what I'm wondering is where's the one of Edward? I think it's about time that we had one of him with his shirt off, too! Of course, I'm probably just biased since I'm for Team Edward.

What do you guys think?



May :) said...

they are pretty neat posters, whish i was that talented!
oh and you have an award waiting on my blog :)

Lauren & Abel said...

So uhh can we buy those posters anywhere?? I need to have that one of Jacob in my bedroom or on my screensaver or something lol.

CoyoteUgly said...

Those are very neat poster; we do need one of Edward shirtless!!